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Taking Time Before Time Takes You

top WHATEVER you are doing! Take a moment to view the innocent dependence of a sleeping child. Stroke soft skin, not long from the womb, and ponder the miracle of gentle breath upon your hand.

Listen closely and measure every articulated syllable – intelligible or not, but theirs alone.

Reach for a tiny hand and hold it in your palm.


Close your eyes, take your time, and separate yourself from unimportant issues of the day. Those issues can wait.


Press your face close to the head of tender, young hair and inhale deeply. It’s the scent unmatched in favor by the finest fragrances in the world.


Focus on the young face before you. Marvel at the absence of time’s etched art, and gently move your fingers over new, unblemished features resembling your own.


Restock diapers with gladness of heart. Take your time when changing the soiled garment. One day, all too soon, you will change it for the last time.


Now… visit for a while the void that was. Remember it, too, because it will soon join hands with the closure of life’s bounty. While the past, present, and future find special places in thought and heart, generously add the seasonings which uniquely flavor those memories– spices like going to see the ducks, trips to the park, fever, laughter, and tears.


In mere hours, or so it seems, aging limbs and watered down memories will take seat at the family table, surrounded by silence – void of little ones with appetites, laughter, and tantrums.




Each passing second is the fare surrendered during this journey though time when, one day, very soon, you will question, “Where did the time go?”


About cayenne1011

Network administrator, systems analyst. Loves physics, cosmology, writing, and everything creative. Wherever I go, there I am.


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