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Classes of the Masses

There is a movement in our country with long-standing roots. It is destructive, counter-productive and, most of all, an example of how ignorance and self-serving attitudes can often be mistaken for sound reasoning.

Humankind is comprised of three different social classes, neither of which defines individual members; rather, its members define the class.

The first of these, the pragmatic¹ class of people, is practical and self-achieving.

The second is the inherited² class of people who represent the formidable complexion of society’s populace.

The third, or dependant³ class, is routinely in need of assistance from the other two classes.

The first class gives little attention to those in the other two classes but will assume the characteristics of the second class when warranted. The second class is tirelessly in search of ways to trade positions with, or earn membership in, the first class, but hesitant to identify with the third class. The third class is defiantly in opposition to the first class, always seeking to leverage assistance with appeals to the second class who, in turn, may apply pressure to the first class. Each class has a defined agenda and power quotient.
The first class has the smallest membership but most power.

The second class has the next largest membership and next largest power. The third class has the largest membership and least power.

While there are distinct differences between all three classes, one common thread connects each to the other. Neither of the three can ever be content at the same time. It is an unwritten law of social science and easily explains incessant unrest among the classes. Moreover, in theory, no single member of any one class can successfully foster change inside their class. Change, after all, is that which separates the three classes and to change one class is to more closely associate with another class which disrupts the balance of social dynamics and power.

Power, indeed. The three classes, like it or not, are parts of the motor driving America’s strength, ingenuity, and capital. One class provides induction; one class provides power; one class provides resistance – all integral and common parts of any motor.

The philosophy of politics, today, seeks to remove the separation, or wall, between the classes. Other definitions include ‘transfer of wealth’ and socialism.

In summary, there is a move afoot to meld the separate classes into one more equitably balanced membership-at-large. In other words, there is yet another lame, alchemy-like attempt, to change the long-standing, motor-driven strength of society into one without power-robbing resistance.

Any illusion has but one requirement for success: A gullible audience.

¹ Pragmatic – Dealing or concerned with facts or actual occurrences; practical.

² Inherited – To gain (something) as one’s right or portion.

³ Dependent – Relying on or requiring the aid of another for support.


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