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Sew Watt Makes Cents?

Where is the ‘o’ in ‘sew’? After all, if sew is pronounced ‘sō’, then why isn’t pew pronounced ‘pō’? And, if knew followed the same rule as sew, why do we need the word know? To further confuse the matter, if sew is already pronounced ‘sō’, why is it necessary to have a totally different … Continue reading

Paris was more or les miserables!!

10 Reasons 19th Century Paris Was As Miserable As Les Mis by Elaine Furst, January 19, 2013 By now you’ve probably either seen the movie, watched the play or read the book Les Miserables, Victor Hugo’s classic tale of life in nineteenth century Paris. But have you ever wondered if life in Paris at that time … Continue reading

The Strength of Weakness

  Weakness is a tool not to be ridiculed but, rather, revered. It provides a most efficient lever when lifting clouded views and burdensome restraint. Each new technology addresses specific needs – imagined or otherwise. If one contemplates resolution when sowing creativity, purpose, and/or experience, ingenuity sprouts from fertile thought. Not long ago, if man … Continue reading

Classes of the Masses

There is a movement in our country with long-standing roots. It is destructive, counter-productive and, most of all, an example of how ignorance and self-serving attitudes can often be mistaken for sound reasoning. Humankind is comprised of three different social classes, neither of which defines individual members; rather, its members define the class. The first … Continue reading

Gasoline Shell Game

Is there something wrong with the above chart or can it be argued there is no correlation, whatsoever, between the price of crude and what is paid at the pump?  Regardless of the answer, one thing is painfully obvious to those  who can do simple math – we are puppets when pulling up to a … Continue reading

Saving Energy? Really?

One can’t turn on the TV, dial up a radio station, or open the daily newspaper without seeing some reference to curtailing the use of energy. Yesterday, I renewed the contract with my electrical utility company. In doing so, the extent to which the conservation argument is ridiculous became glaringly obvious. Okay, let’s say you … Continue reading

Taking Time Before Time Takes You

Stop WHATEVER you are doing! Take a moment to view the innocent dependence of a sleeping child. Stroke soft skin, not long from the womb, and ponder the miracle of gentle breath upon your hand. Listen closely and measure every articulated syllable – intelligible or not, but theirs alone. Reach for a tiny hand and … Continue reading


Until we understand, or arrive at, a finite definition for the concept of normal behavior, any treatment designed to reach that objective is purely subjective. Laws are designed to compartmentalize normal behavior, thereby extending favor to what is generally considered acceptable reaction to a given problem or situation. Lawyers, on the other hand, are trained … Continue reading

How can you drop an egg six feet without breaking it? By dropping it seven feet - it won't break for the first six.

Preamble to the Constitution

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

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The amount of money the United States owes China is vast and growing by millions of dollars every single day. LET'S GIVE 'EM CALIFORNIA AND CALL IT EVEN! .

Separating egg yokes (the easy way)

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